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Pee Pee Pants City.

*IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE SEASON FINALE OF THE WALKING DEAD (YET), DO NOT READ THIS BLOG POST. ALSO, THERE ARE SOME COMICS SPOILERS* And if you don't watch the show, but still want to read this blog post, go right ahead, I guess!

* I've made character names pink, because there would be way too many quotation marks.

I posted it on Twitter. I posted it on Facebook. And I'm going to post it on here, ready? WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?! This episode was a little disappointing.  Also, this episode had waaaaay too many commercials. Too many "Fear the Walking Dead" commercials... like, I don't give a crap about 'Fear the Walking Dead', I give a crap about what's GOING ON, RIGHT NOW, ON THE WALKING DEAD!! Seriously, stop trying to shove that shit down our throats, especially at a time like this. 
 Anyway, most of tonight's episode was spent on the road, driving around in an RV. Enid was locked in a closet, Morgan went out looking for Carol, Carol was getting into trouble... so they weren't there with Rick, Maggie, Carl, Eugene, Sasha, Abraham, and Aaron. Those 7 are pretty much the only people we see for 97% of the episode. We don't see Daryl, Michonne, Glenn or Rosita until the end... until the scene. Can I just mention now, how I seriously thought that Carol was gonna be a goner? Twice, in fact. I thought she was gonna kill herself. The second time was after she got shot TWICE while lying on the ground. Morgan saved her, so Carol lives... at least until October. (There went my previous 1/3 Carol prediction, *see my previous post*, but my Carol prediction changed last night, to Carl, and I'll tell you all why, in a bit. So now I'm predicting Daryl, Maggie, Carl or maybe even Abraham.) Glenn is too obvious and would be the expected one. And it BETTER NOT BE DARYL.

So, the not-so-fun times inside the RV. They were trying to get Maggie to the Hilltop doctor, ASAP. What's looking like a matter of life and death, as she was turning that deathly grey-ish color. They didn't/couldn't get very far, because various flocks of the 'Savior' goons had blocked off at least 4 sections of the road. Every blockade had growing numbers. The final blockade had a shit ton of people, and the gang was severely outnumbered. That's when the numbness started settling in. Negan was coming, y'all. Negan was coming. They had the brilliant idea to put Maggie on a stretcher bed, and walk to their destination, leaving Eugene in charge of driving the RV all by himself. (Was I the only one who thought that was a bad idea?). Also, the creepy whistling that we heard in the woods? Nope. Nope. That made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Anyway, they were captured by foot and taken to a scary place... PEE PEE PANTS CITY, as Negan called it (more of a psychological place of being). There sat the RV and there was Eugene battered and kneeling on the ground. It was happening. Things got ugly, of course. The RV door swung open and out poured Daryl, Rosita, Michonne and Glenn (not in that order, I don't think, but that isn't important). 

Then... OUT CAME NEGAN AND HE WAS HOLDING "Lucille" !!!! ("Lucille" is a wooden baseball bat, covered in barbed wire.) That's when my heart started pounding and I started to feel nauseous. That horrible moment was coming. If you've read the comics, or at least know what happens in the comics, you knew what was about to go down.... but, who was gonna be the victim? 
 Okay, so an audio snippet of this particular scene (or at least the final 10-12 minutes of it) was supposedly leaked online yesterday. However, AMC lawyers found out and had it taken down, because duh, lawsuit city. BUT typed out transcripts apparently made the cut (Negan's parts, of course) and I happened to read it. Just reading that alone, made me feel sick. It was then that I changed my prediction from Carol to Carl. I didn't know if it was legit or not... but apparently it was because about 98% of what I read was said on tonight's episode. I even told my Dad about a few things Negan had supposedly said, and sure enough, he said 'em. I was like, "Dammit! NO!!" I am in no way Carl's biggest fan; I think he's been an annoying little shit for most of the show, but I don't wanna see him get bludgeoned by "Lucille"... that's just brutal. Also, that poor kid has been through enough.

Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan crushed it as Negan. Holy crap. That was the perfect casting. It really was. That final scene was brutal, and I knew it would be. Long before the time had even come for the whole Negan story line, that was exactly what I had envisioned, and I've never even read the comics. The way he lined them up, on their knees. It was awful. Him brutally taunting them like the bastard that his character is. It gave me goosebumps. It made my heart sink. My stomach hurt. My heart hurt. My heart was racing. It felt like you were in the line-up, with them. I felt nauseous. He kept putting the bat in their faces... he made you think for 2 seconds that he was going to kill Maggie. And Glenn's reaction. I couldn't. Nope. It was all just brutal. YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING. But who was going to be the victim???? He wants to fuck with Rick. He made that known, loud and clear. His main focus of taunting pretty much went to Carl. He's after Rick- killing Rick isn't going to make Rick suffer and it is not going to mess him up in the long run, because duh, he'd be dead. Killing Carl, in pretty much the most horrific way, right in front of him, knowing that he cannot stop him... yeah, THAT is going to fuck with, haunt, and  torment Rick for life. And that is pretty much the whole point, so it seems. However, Negan decides he wants to do 'eeny meeny miny moe' for choosing his victim. But did he really? I think he knew all along. Ass. That whole scene was a head fuck. It really was. "OMG who is he going to choose??? NO! Don't choose him, or him, not her, nope you best NOT... omg." He finally chooses his victim... BUT YOU CAN'T SEE WHO HE CHOOSES!!! You only see Negan, from the victim's POV. He also made a comment about feeding Carl's other eye to Rick, if they all don't behave... so, maybe it isn't him, after all? (Back to Negan) He just starts swinging that stupid friggin' bat. Blood is trickling down the screen, you hear him bashing someone's head in. The screen fades to black and you can still hear it. It's squishy. And gross. And I kinda wanted to vomit. It. Was. Happening. You became and were inside the person he was killing, because the sound goes all muffly and wonky... you knew the victim was quickly becoming brain dead. People are saying they could hear screams loud and clear and someone says "Mag" like in the comics, and Maggie screaming Glenn's name repeatedly, but I didn't hear any of that. I honestly didn't. I'm guessing that "audio" was fan made, with other things mixed in with it. I just heard faint noises, creepy weirdness, and bat whacks. I couldn't make out any specific words (except for Negan's). That was such a powerful scene. The characters were mortified, the actors were mortified. And THAT is what made me feel what I felt. Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan were definitely the heavy hitters. Andrew's Rick was a defeated, tearful, heartbroken (broken in general), panicked, and terrified mess. Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, and Josh McDermitt also made me feel all the feels. The looks in their eyes and on their faces... holy fudge, that destroyed me. I hated seeing them like that. It was awful.

 Again, Glenn would be too obvious. It just would. They've switched people's deaths before; some people are still alive in the comics, but dead on the show, and vice versa. The show doesn't always follow the comics 100 %. Abraham was supposed to be the one who took the arrow through the eye, but they gave that to Denise, instead. Some people have said that Negan killed Abraham... that they spared him the arrow, but gave him the bat. He was the first and only person to 'stand up' or rather sit up, to Negan. It kinda felt like, 'I'm not afraid of you. Take me and leave them alone.' type thing. And Negan definitely noticed that. Although, I don't think people would need diapers and tissues, over the death of Abraham... or Eugene... or Sasha... or Aaron, you get my drift. It has to be someone major, but isn't Rick-- like Daryl, Maggie, Glenn or Carl. However, "happy music" did start playing after the discussion between Sasha and Abraham had about potentially having a baby, and what-not. You all know TWD, does not allow people to be happy... and if they are happy, it isn't for very long. AND Abe and Eugene just recently repaired their friendship. So, it very well could be Abraham. I'm not gonna lie, I'd be fine with that.
Daryl isn't in the comics, so they can kill him off whenever they feel like it, really. And what a way to go, you know? That would be absolute ass, though. Absolute ass. And Maggie... if they don't get her to the doctor, ASAP, she might not be around for much longer. Negan is a turd and Maggie is pregnant (given I'm not sure if he knows that she's pregnant?), so she wouldn't be much help if Negan just wants them to work for him. Also, in the comics, Maggie cuts her hair as a way of mourning the death of Glenn... Maggie's hair is already cut. So, that's good news for Glenn
 I don't know... but the thing is, NO ONE KNOWS!!! It could honestly be any one of them. They left it at a friggin' cliffhanger. I knew they would, but I was hoping they wouldn't. As much as I don't wanna know, it would've been nice to know. It would've been nice to know, right now, so we could all have time to mourn the loss of the character... and to prepare ourselves for what's going to happen next. No. Instead, we do not know who died, AND we do not know what's going to happen next. We are all stuck inside of a black hole. For 6 months. Not cool, man. Not cool. Unless someone goes to the set while they're filming season 7 and spoils everything... like they did during that whole Glenn/dumpster ordeal. People said they saw him filming some later episodes LOL!

But yeah. They hyped this episode up so much. SO MUCH. Saying how much it made certain actors sick and what not, that we're all going to need diapers and tissues, and how much we're going to be crying and screaming at our TV's. I might've pissed a little drop or two, but I did not need a diaper. I didn't cry. I only yelled a little bit. I did feel nauseous, though, as stated above. My heart did hurt, and my brain was slightly frazzled... but overall, it did not live up to the fullest of hypes. Some people want spoilers, some people don't want spoilers... but to be perfectly honest, there really isn't anything to spoil. The only thing to really spoil, is that yes, Negan really IS here, and yes, "Lucille" really DID happen. The rest, is unknown... for now. 
But I reeeeeeally, really, hope it wasn't Daryl, Maggie, or Glenn. 

P.S.- I've just read a few things about people talking about the camera angles... and now my stomach is hurting all over again. (Updated at 12:47AM, April 4th)

PPS- I remembered/realized something while lying in bed last night: (I've already spoiled the comic a little too much), but if they're going to stay true to the comics, in even the slightest bit for this particular scene/situation, Maggie and the rest of the females in the line-up, and even Carl would be safe. Negan didn't want to kill a woman or a child. (Updated at 1:45PM, April 4th)

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